People in Pakistan like to be entertained, and cricket is their preferred form of entertainment. However, international matches were banned in Pakistan following the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009. During this bleak period, the Pakistan Cricket Board chairman established the PSL in Lahore.

PSL, both versions I and II, have proven to be a necessary step in offering an opportunity for home-based cricket lovers to re-live their ardor for the game, while also providing the much-needed confidence to foreign players and organizations to play in Pakistan.

One of the main reasons why PSL has been able to do the job for Circuit board and Pakistani cricket by trying to restore once-lost faith in Pakistan is that it not only allows local neighborhood talent to showcase their abilities through this grand platform, but it also encourages and integrates internationals to participate in the activity. The foreign players that choose to participate in the PSL form a team with the street boys, and this multicultural mix culminates in a learning opportunity for both.

For Pakistan, it provides a potential revival of their restricted cricket, a new beginning in their journey up the rankings. A better national team will result from improved domestic competition. The PSL’s popularity grows as the national team improves. T20 cricket helps the 50-over game. It’s a vicious loop.

The PSL was now exclusively available outside of Pakistan. The foreign players came to the UAE because they felt secure there. We live in troubled times, and practicality is more valuable than any romantic vision of taking cricket home. Only naive patriotism and conceited hubris would drive this event to be held in Pakistan as soon as possible.

The stars are not coming to Pakistan, but without them, the PSL is a scrap, other feet in the grave, another shove down the slope of falling standards. So, kudos to the organizers for making the correct decisions, realizing their goal, and allowing serendipity to act in their benefit with happenings on the field.

You don’t have to be a fan of T20s to appreciate the importance of the PSL in Pakistan. You don’t have to live for IPLs and Big Bashes to understand how important the PSL is to Pakistani cricket. All you have to do is recognize that Pakistan is plagued by war and crooked leaders. Cricket in the nation was also on its knees ever since the terrorist attacks in 2009, but it had been failing for so many decades before that. You need to appreciate the thrilling qualities that Pakistan’s cricketers offer to the international match to be pleased that those talents can now develop once more.

A cricket competition as short as the PSL on such a big scale is appealing to sports fans. They come out and support their teams, as seen by a teaser on our social media, where the games began well before the event.

One of the most enjoyable features of the PSL is the entertaining discussion and analysis from major figures like Ramiz Raja. Fans are also ecstatic after reading insightful essays and analyses published by people like Ahmar Naqvi. Furthermore, some of the most fascinating bloggers are keeping us up to speed on all that is going on in their own unique manner, with some exclusive facts.

During the period of independence, many people perished in both countries, resulting in resentment and hatred towards one another. A Pakistan-India game of cricket is perhaps the most-watched, interesting, and tense contest in the whole globe. This pressure is caused by the public’s high expectations of athletes. However, if the athlete performs well, they will be more than adequately compensated. However, if he fails to meet the expectations, he will be chastised for the rest of his life.

Cricket was brought to Pakistan by the British in the mid-nineteenth century, before the subcontinent’s partition from India.

There are several reasons why people choose to watch and enjoy cricket over other sports. Although hockey is the national sport of Pakistan, cricket is enjoyed by people all throughout the country and is far more famous as a spectator sport.

With cricket’s popularity, it’s no wonder that people of any age in the country enjoy playing the sport. This is mostly due to the fact that this sport does not have to be pricey. Cricket may be played with a variety of equipment.

Youngsters are known to play tape ball, which requires only a taped game, a bat, and a wicket. This is a preferable option for young athletes because it may result in very few injuries. A taped ball bat would cost roughly $3, and a nice taped tennis ball would cost around $1. A wicket costs about $2, therefore it would only cost about $12 for 22 friends to play cricket

There are a few reasons why cricket is famous in Pakistan

  • Sialkot International Sports Equipment Industry
  •  It is heavily sponsored.
  • Rivalry in Cricket (India).
  • It is a career that may be pursued.
  • Encouraged in school, college, and in-home.
  • Several cricket academies.
  • There is no prejudice.

The size of the cricket playing field is determined by the skill level of the players. When it comes to novices, they generally play in playgrounds and on the roadways where tapped ball cricket is popular.

Then there are amateur players who exclusively play on vast venues with hardened pitches for taped ball cricket. Then there are the pros, who play in stadiums and specific fields with professional pitches. These players are mainly active on weekends. They frequently reserve a venue or stadium through cricket institutes and pay various rates during the day and night with lighting charges.

After the IPL, the PSL is the world’s second most-watched cricket league, and franchise owners are looking forward to the 2020 season since it will allow them to generate more money from ticket sales, merchandise, broadcasting, and sponsorships. As new rights to broadcast show this narrative of a 358 percent rise in the amount granted to the Circuit board by the new Broadcasting company ($40 million), the brand has witnessed exponential expansion. Each match is expected to draw a large crowd, and entrance money will benefit not just franchise owners but also the PCB.

After a ten-year wait, Pakistanis will finally have the opportunity to see international artists perform on stage on their home turf.


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