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Ahmadi Man Murdered by TLP Member in Chenab Nagar


Another horrific incident took place today at Rabwah (Chenab) Pakistan, When a 67 year old man stabbed to death when he refused to chant sologans of the controvisal Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan.

The Incidnet took place at the main bus stop of the Rabwah city (considred to be the headquater of the Ahmdiya Community of Pakistan) when a TLP member named Hafiz Shahzad Hasan Sialvi asked the victim to chant the solgan:

  • Labbaik Ya Rasullah (PBUH)
  • And Khadim Hussain Rizvi Zindabad

When he refused to do so Hafiz Shahzad Hasan Sialvi attached him with knife and injured him severly. He was rushed to the hospital where he declared dead – said Saleemuddin, the spokesperson of Jamaat-i-Ahmadiya Pakistan.

The suspect was immediatly overpowerd by the locals and they handed him to the police. In a video circulating on tweeter Shehzad Rizvi was showing no regret after doing this henious murder and while police was arresting him he was saying:

‘مَنْ سَبَّ نَبِیًّا فَاقْتُلُوْہٗ’

“Kill the one who insults the Prophet”

That was not the first incident in which people used religion for their crimes. We Pakistani can’t forget the horrific murder of the Sri-lankan man who was brullty murderd by another “religious fanatic” belonging to the same Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan on 3 December 2021 in Sialkot, Punjab.

Internation Human Rights Committee also realized a statment through it’s twitter handle in which they candemned the murder of Mr Nasseer Ahmed:

Today, 12 Auguest 2022, 62-year-old Ahmadi Muslim father of 3 stabbed to death by a religios fanatic at Rabwah, Pakistan.

According to the statement of Saleemuddin – the spokesperson of Jamaat-i-Ahmadiya Pakistan:

Mr Naseer Ahmed was an active memeber of our community and it was his ritual to go to the graveyard every Friday

India Blocked Pakistan’s Participation in BRICS


China hosted the 14th BRICS summit via video link on June 24th, 2022, and Pakistan was not invited. According to the sources Pakistan’s participation was blocked by one member of the BRICS.

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On Monday (27th July 2022) Foreign office Spokesperson Asim Iftikhar confirmed that Pakistan’s participation in the 14th BRICS summit was blocked by one member. Without mentioning the name of the country that blocked Pakistan’s invitation although sources claimed Pakistan’s participation was blocked by India (one of the top members).

Members of the BRICS Countries

BRICS is a group of emerging countries including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa established in 2009 with a vision to improve the relationship between the member countries which in total consists of 41% of the World’s population and 24% of the World’s GDP. 

The acronym BRIC (Brazil, Russia India, and China) was first coined by Goldman Sack in 2001 in one of their Global Economy paper.

Importance of Brics for Pakistan

The Brics summit was very crucial for Pakistan’s foreign policy, especially at the current times when the country is facing the worst inflation after its independence but unfortunately because of the one member of BRICS. Pakistan didn’t attend the summit. 

This summit was very important for Pakistan as the country’s FO (Foreign Office) trying to improve its relations with other countries in order to increase its & international trade & foreign reserves which are currently at a record low from 27067.70 USD Million in 2021 to 16406 USD Million in April 2022.

Pakistan’s foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto also describes the current situation of Pakistan as “internationally isolated and disengaged” on June 16th, 2022, and made a commitment to improving its current foreign relations. Mr. Bhutto-zardari also expresses Pakistan’s interest in improving its relationship with India by saying:

“Our relations with our neighboring countries especially India are not moving forward which is not good for both countries”

BRICS Summit was attended by more than 12 countries & world leaders who discussed briefly the subjects of poverty reduction, pandemic management & supply of vaccines, combating climate changes, Green development projects, and global industrialization.

China’s Response to not including Pakistan

Pakistan congratulated China for hosting the 14th Brics summit and said China did engage with Pakistan prior to the summit but during the Brics members meeting for inviting the non-members to the summit one of the member countries blocked Pakistan’s invitation.

Top 10 Cricket All-rounders In Recent 20 Years


Table of Contents

Well If We Talk About Cricket All-rounders, They Are Probably The Most Important Part Of Any Team. We Have Seen Great Cricket All-Rounders In the Recent 10 Years. Cricket All-rounders Can Play Major Part In The Victory Of The Team The Reason Is They Can Bat, They Can Ball If They Fail In One Field They Can Cover That With Another One. Usually All Cricket All-rounders Bat Down The Order Usually They Are Hitters And If We Talk About Genuine All Rounders They Are Very Impactful Player For Any Team.

There Are Two Kinds Of Cricket All-rounders: Batting All-Rounders And Bowling All Rounders

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Batting All-rounders:

It Is Shown Clearly By The Name That Betting All Owners Are Those Who Are More Impactful More Powerful More Good In Batting Than Bowling. Mohammed Hafiz, Andre Russell, Shoaib Malik, Shakib Al Hassan, Ben Stokes, Hardik Pandya Etc Are The Examples.

Bowling All-rounders :

These Are Mostly Hard-Hitting batsmen And Mostly They Are Fast Bowlers. They Are Fast Bowlers But Can Bat For The Team If Needed And Can Hit The Ball Hard. Jason Holder Stuart Broad Shahid Afridi Etc Is The Example.

Both kinds of Cricket all-rounders play a major part in the team’s victory so both are equally important for a team. It depends on The format of the game too but here we are talking generally about all forms of the game.

All-rounders have a plus point that they can bat as well as they can ball. so they have more chances to perform and make an impact for the team. Usually, the team consists of 2 all-rounders, rarely teams go with 3-4 All-rounders. The best strategy is to go with 2 genuine All-rounders.

Everyone has his own experience and views, in my point of view, the following are the “TOP 10 Cricket ALL-ROUNDERS IN RECENT 10 YEARS” ( Those who retired in these years are also included)


He is Arguably the greatest cricket all-rounder of all time, he was outstanding with both bat and ball. He was one of the perfect cricket all-rounders (few All-rounders who are good in batting, and few in bowling but he was the one who was EQUALLY good with both bat and ball)

Jacque Kallis played a crucial role in South Africa throughout his career. He is the only cricketer until now to score 10000 runs in One Day Internationals and Test cricket, and also to pick up 250 wickets in both formats of the game. Jacque Kallis has played 166 Tests, 328 ODIs, and 25 T20Is for South Africa.

He has scored 11579 runs in ODIs and picked up 273 wickets. In Tests, Jacque Kallis has scored 13289 runs and picked up 292 wickets. Jacque Kallishas struck 45 hundred in Tests and 17 hundred in ODIs. What a player he was!


He was one of the best fast bowlers England have ever produced, he was so consistent with line and length as well as his pace. He used to click 140+ consistently. Andrew Flintoff has played 141 One Day Internationals for England and scored 3394 runs at an average of 32.01. He has also picked up 169 wickets at an average of 24.38. He has also scored 3845 runs in Tests and picked up 226 wickets. Flintoff played a major role in England’s victories with the bat too. His Ashes record is sensational.


He was one of the top quality and highly skillful bowler South Africa produced. He was the main attack bowler for some years. Shaun Pollock has scored more than 7000 runs in his international career at an average of almost 29, which included three hundred and 30 fifties. He has also picked up 393 wickets in ODIs and 421 in Tests. His career economy rate of 3.67 in ODIs is simply unbelievable for a player who has played for a very long time.


Cricket – ICC Cricket World Cup – Bangladesh v Afghanistan – The Ageas Bowl, Southampton, Britain – June 24, 2019 Bangladesh’s Shakib Al Hasan celebrates the wicket of Afghanistan’s Najibullah Zadran Action Images via Reuters/John Sibley

Bangladeshi sensation Shakib Al Hassan is also the former captain of Bangladesh. He is The best ASIAN Cricket All-rounder in the last 20 years for sure. As far as Bangladesh is concerned, he is the GOAT of their team. A pure symptom of the word CONSISTENCY. Shakib Al Hassan has played 188 One Day Internationals for Bangladesh and scored 5433 runs, which includes seven hundred and 39 fifties. He has also picked up 237 wickets at an average of 29.77. Shakib Al Hassan has played 53 Test matches for Bangladesh and scored 3692 runs, which included five hundred and 23 fifties. He has also picked up 196 wickets, which included 18 five-wicket and two ten-wicket hauls.


The most loved and famous Cricketer of the world SHAHID KHAN AFRIDI was one of the most impactful players of Pakistan, He has been phenomenal throughout his career. Afridi has scored 8064 runs in 398 One Day Internationals, which included six hundred and 39 fifties. He has also picked up 395 wickets at an average of 34.51. Afridi has played only 27 Tests for Pakistan, his batting avg was approx 37. He has taken more than 500 wickets in his career for Pakistan. Afridi won Pakistan many matches single-handedly and was a match-winner. He was named BOOM BOOM earlier in his career


LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 14: Ben Stokes of England acknowledges the crowd after victory during the Final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 between New Zealand and England at Lord’s Cricket Ground on July 14, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

England’s one of the top quality All-rounder, Ben Stokes is also one of the perfect All-rounder. He is consistent with the bat as well as with the ball. Ben Stokes was smashed four sixes in T20I WC FINAL back in 2016 but then he came back even stronger and won the WC19 for his team. Ben Stokes is such a phenomenal match-winner and a true definition of GAME CHANGER. In his 67 tests, he has scored 4428 runs including 10 hundred and 22 fifties. he has scored three one day tons too.


Dwayne Bravo is The best All-rounder of league Cricket. He is a bowling all-rounder as he is more effective and reliable with the ball. The best quality is that he can ball anywhere in the innings. He can use varieties and can ball perfect yorkers. He has played 164 ODIs and scored 2968 runs.

Dwayne Bravo has also picked up 199 wickets at an average of 29.51. He has also scored 2200 runs and picked up 86 wickets in Test match cricket. Bravo is an outstanding fielder too.


  • He is one of the greatest All-rounder of Australia in recent 20 years.
  • Shane Watson is a classy batsman who is always great to watch. He is a very skillful player.
  • He has played 190 ODIs, 59 Tests, and 58 Twenty20Is for Australia.
  • Shane Watson has scored 5757 runs in ODIs and 3731 runs in Tests. He was equally effective with the ball as well. Watson has picked up 168 wickets and 75 wickets in ODIs and Tests respectively.


The Kiwi all-rounder is arguably the most successful left-arm spinner of all-time. Daniel Vettori is the all-time leading wicket-taker for New Zealand in One Day Internationals and is successful across formats. He played 295 ODI games for his national side. Vettori picked up 305 wickets at a stunning economy rate of 4.12 and scored 2253 runs in ODI cricket at an average of 17.33. The Kiwi all-rounder has played 113 Tests for New Zealand and picked up 362 wickets. Vettori has also excelled with the bat in Tests and scored 4531 runs at an average of 30, which included six hundred and 23 fifties.


He was one of the greatest all-rounders Pakistan ever had. Razzaq has scored more than 7000 runs across formats for Pakistan at an average of almost 30, which included six hundred and 30 fifties. He has also picked up 389 wickets for Pakistan across formats. He was a real game-changer and a pure match-winner. Pakistan was still not able to find his replacement.

Why Do We Celebrate Pakistan Day?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day is also known as Pakistan Resolution Day. On March 23rd, the country celebrates with national zeal and energy the acceptance of the Pakistan resolution by the All-India Muslim League in 1940 in Lahore’s Minto Park. The park in Lahore, presently known as Greater Iqbal Park, is home to Minar-a-Pakistan. The Muslim League Party, led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, advocated religious freedom for all communities and individuals. This was the idea that motivated this hero to lead. The word Pakistan was never mentioned in this resolution; only the concept of separate states for all religions was mentioned. Following that, with many fights, the Muslim religion country Pakistan and the Hindu religion country India were formed.

Pakistan Day Celebrations

The second day of the All-India Muslim League’s Annual Special Meeting in Minto Park (now Iqbal Park), Lahore, then a part of United India, was March 23, 1940 AD. Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other Pakistani founding fathers were leaders of the Muslim League at the time. Just one year earlier, in 1939, a national government led by the Indian National Congress concluded its two-year tenure; the government was founded as a consequence of British-sponsored reforms in 1935, which resulted in national elections in 1937. That two-year era of Congress power was a wake-up call to Indian Muslims about their inability to exist in a country with a predominantly Hindu population, and the true face of Congress, AIML intended on proposing a resolution for a new, independent country for then United Indian Muslims.

Do you know that before the British, the land now known as India was the Indian Subcontinent, and the word India exclusively referred to Hindu kingdoms in the Northwest region, which today includes Pakistan and Northern and North-Western India? The territory was designed by the British to be ruled as a single entity rather than as a collection of fiefdoms and villages.

Tiger of Bengal, Sher e Bangla Abul Qasim Fazlul Haq, voted in favor of the resolution. According to the report, the AIML’s Bengali leader.

No constitutional design would be feasible or acceptable to Muslims until geographical contiguous units are delimited into regions, which should be thus formed with any required territorial readjustments. That territory where Muslims have a numerical majority, such as the North-Western and Eastern zones of India, be combined to form separate states with autonomous and sovereign component parts.

Later, the term Pakistan was coined and utilized to refer to this independent state. This day is now known as Yom-e-Pakistan (Pakistan Day), and military parades and a national holiday are organized to commemorate it.

Pakistan has a national holiday on March 23rd. The other one, the first constitution of Pakistan, was enacted in 1956, transforming Pakistan into the Islamic Republic of Pakistan from the Dominion of Pakistan. A parade by the military forces is a common feature of the celebrations on Republic Day. A whirlwind of words flashes through my head when I hear or read the term Pakistan. “Friends,” “family,” “sadness,” “separation,” and “unity”

South Asia, and particularly the Indian subcontinent, is far more volatile than many individuals and media sources would have you believe. As a result, the area can only advance if the many countries within it put aside their relatively small differences, gather around the table, and eventually begin discussing issues and solutions together. I realize the above is rather romantic, but there are rising cooperative attempts, which is a positive indication.

The 23rd of March 1940 was a day of optimism and determination for hundreds of subcontinental Muslims. On this day, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the leader of the All-India Muslim League (AIML), issued a resolution calling for the formation of a new confederation based on Muslim-majority territories in British India. He won the discussion by explaining to party members in Lahore that Hindus and Muslims are two unique entities since they are completely different in cultural and religious characteristics.

Independence Day is commemorated with fervor and excitement in Pakistan. Almost every governmental building and the prominent monument is lighted with Pakistani flag colors, which is a relaxing sight to see. Paper flags are used to adorn the houses of all Pakistanis. Every road and park is donning the face of festivity on the eve of Independence Day. Children wear flag-colored clothing and have flag badges fastened to their clothing. The magnetic energy of National anthems blustered over the bazaars and roadways. On the other hand, official ceremonies are held. In short, Pakistan celebrates Independence Day in genuine patriotic hues.

Every year on March 23rd, Pakistan commemorates with tremendous zeal and passion. Every year on this day, the government hosts a special event to honor this day. The biggest commemoration of the anniversary is the Lahore Resolution Day parade by Pakistan’s military forces. This day commemorates the many hardships undertaken by our leaders, most notably our mentor QUAID E AZAM, in the formation of our beloved nation Pakistan.

As a result, the country must commemorate March 23rd not only as Pakistan Day, but also as a day to revitalize and revive the national will to remain solid, strong, and unified in the face of all adversities with bravery, passion, and determination.

So, in conclusion, I have the same words for the magnificent country of Pakistan as I would have for any nation:

Know yourself, accept every aspect of yourself, accept what is good or unimportant, and fight tooth and nail against the things that prevent you from progressing toward a better, brighter, more equitable, and fairer future. Learn about your friends and make more of them. Allies can be found in both likely and surprising places; reach out to them. Finally, I wish my people, to live long and prosper.

Noor Mukadam Murder Case And Sudden Rise Of Violence Towards Women In Pakistan


Authorities said the 27-year-old daughter of a former Pakistani ambassador was killed on Tuesday in Islamabad, Pakistan’s federal capital.

The victim, Noor Mukadam, was the daughter of Shaukat Mukadam, Pakistan’s ambassador to South Korea and Kazakhstan, according to officials. Noor was slain at a residence in the city’s F-7 district, according to police, who added that she was struck with a sharp item. The suspected murderer has been apprehended and is claimed to be the son of a Pakistani business magnate.

Mukadam was raped and beheaded by Zahir Jaffer at his Islamabad residence in July last year

Noor Mukadam, 27, was allegedly “shot and butchered” in a posh residential district of Islamabad during the Eid festival when Pakistanis ritually butcher millions of animals and the streets of Pakistani towns are covered with blood.

Noor Mukadam is not only a victim of the horrible act of murder, but she is also on the list of those who have been ‘victim shamed.’ On the morning of July 20th, Pakistan’s capital region, Islamabad, shuddered when authorities retrieved Noor’s lifeless corpse.

Zahir Jaffer, a US citizen, and son of one of Pakistan’s richest families have been accused of murder.

According to investigators, the two were acquaintances until Jaffer brought Mukadam, the daughter of Pakistan’s previous envoy to South Korea, to his house, imprisoned her for two days, and then brutally killed her.

There was security staff there, yet they did nothing to protect the victim. Regardless of the fact that Noor walked inside their cabin seeking shelter, they did not even notify the police. The victim’s shouts and pleadings were simply ignored by the security personnel.

It is an excellent occasion to explore our responsibility as citizens. We cannot start pointing fingers at others while turning a blind eye to our own behavior. It is a citizen’s obligation to notify the authorities if he or she witnesses a crime being committed.

The attitude of ‘it’s not my responsibility and ‘it’s not my problem’ has shredded the fabric of our society. Many crimes occur in broad daylight in our presence, yet we do nothing to prevent them.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was aware of the heinous murder and requested that the IG ensure that no compromises be made in the inquiry. Following that, Zahir’s name is suggested for the Departure Control List, and the investigating team is directed to get the suspect’s criminal histories from the UK and the US.

PM Imran Khan speaks about Noor Mukadam’s case:

This case contains a number of intriguing yet heartbreaking elements. It has shocked the entire country and has generated fear and anxiety in women all around the country. This instance exemplifies our society’s lack of empathy once again since a woman is both the cause and the driving force behind the murder that has occurred to her. This case is also a litmus test for our law enforcement agencies and our shaky judicial system. Because it’s a battle between righteousness and money.

Hundreds of women are slain each year in Pakistan, and many more are victims of heinous violence, yet few instances receive sustained media attention, and only a tiny portion of criminals are ever prosecuted.  Violence is common in Pakistan, but the latest wave of female homicides has startled the South Asian country.

women protesting against the rise of violence against women in Pakistan

On the same day, a man burnt his woman to death in the southern Sindh province, whereas another man shot and killed his wife, aunt, and two minor children in Shikarpur city. A 30-year-old woman was raped and murdered in Rawalpindi city on Saturday and died of her suffering on Sunday.

In Sindh, a lady was tortured and killed by her husband on July 18. In the northern city of Peshawar last month, a man slaughtered two girls, including his previous wife, for the sake of “honor.”

Noor’s heartbreaking murder, as well as many other such heinous crimes, demonstrate that women are not secure in this nation. Whether she is the mother of three or a newborn, whether she is a housekeeper or a working woman, whether she would be wearing jeans or a jilbab, she may be harassed, raped, or even murdered at any time and, in the eyes and minds of others, she will be the perpetrator rather than the victim.

Our nation, everything, and every member, men in particular and elderly women, has their own interpretations of liberals. For this section of the community, liberals are those who believe women should not be a part of the economic feedback loop, those who assume that empowerment of women is a western agenda and that a liberal is someone who wears shorts and shirts, comes from a wealthy, bureaucratic, or business family, and has male friends with whom they believe they must have sexual or physical relations. That’s such a strong idea in our culture that even atrocities like beheading remain unaffected.

Noor is thought to be liberal even though she belongs to the wealthy elite and she dresses as usual, which would be the subject of discussion after every such incident. Unfortunately, our prime minister also thinks that women’s clothes are to blame for the increasing number of rape cases, but rape is a crime and the country should be so safe for women that no one dares to stare at women.

During Thursday’s court hearings, Judge Muhammad Atta Rabbani indicted and condemned Zahir Jaffer to death for the murdering Noor Mukadam. The court also convicted two of Jaffer’s home staff workers to ten years in jail each for their roles in the murder and confinement of Mukadam.

Muhammad Rizwan – The Rise Of His Career

muhammad rizwan - cricket career

Table of Contents

We all have seen Muhammad Rizwan, Pakistan’s vice-captain changing his game completely. In recent 2-3 months, he has been Pakistan’s best player across formats. In this article, I’ll look at his journey, from being a mediocre player to the first-choice WK batsman of Pakistan.

Muhammad Rizwan made his Test debut for Pakistan in 2016. However, he failed to impress the spectators, and as long as there was Sarfraz Ahmed on the team, Rizwan certainly had no permanent place on the team. Muhammad Rizwan didn’t get many opportunities until Sarfraz Ahmed was sacked as a Pakistani TEST & T20 skipper.

Muhammad Rizwan got the audience’s attention on the Australia tour, where he played a few feisty knocks. On Nov 24, 2019, he played probably one of the best knocks of his career, that 95 Runs fighting knock against AUSSIES at GABBA.

After that, he played useful knocks in Pakistan’s successful home season, which marked the return of Test Cricket in Pakistan after a big gap of 10 years. And the best Series for him was indeed England’s test series where he was declared visitors’ player of the series.

On Nov 11, 2020, Muhammad Rizwan Was Named As Pakistan’s Vice-captain In Test Cricket Right Before New Zealand.

So he improved so much as a batsman, as a sportsman, and as a wicketkeeper, and today, he is one of the most reliable batsmen of Pakistan’s middle order.

Muhammad Rizwan Stats In Test Cricket:

Matches: 13

Runs: 754

Avg: 44.4

50’s: 06

100’s: 01

If you talk about One Day International Cricket, he has been a mediocre batsman for the Pakistan team. This is the only format where he failed to surprise Pakistani fans. Averaging just over 28 in 38 matches, he played. The shorter format is the format where Muhammad Rizwan has been a different player. From facing a lot of criticism for not hitting sixes to scoring the Most Runs in this year’s International T20I Cricket in the World.

Most Runs In T20I Cricket This Year –

  • Muhammad Rizwan = 344
  • Martin Guptill = 318
  • Devon Conway = 299
  • Babar Azam = 235
  • Virat Kohli = 231

From not being picked in playing XI for Karachi Kings in PSL season V to becoming CAPTAIN of Multan Sultans in next season, here is a look at his journey in this format :

On Oct 18, 2019, SARFRAZ AHMED was a Captain of Pakistan Test and T20 Cricket right after CWC2019. Azhar Ali in the test and Babar Azam in T20I were named captains of Pakistan. Misbah ul Haq majorly took the decision. We are not going to discuss whether it was a good decision or a wrong decision. Still, this decision certainly OPENED doors for Muhammad Rizwan as he was the obvious choice of Wicket-keeper batsman after Sarfraz Ahmed.

When he was added to the shorter format’s squad, everyone was unhappy with Cheif selector Misbah ul Haq and the management of PCB. At that time, Rizwan’s sr in a more concise format was just 113. It was a strange but obvious decision as Muhammad Rizwan was the obvious choice as wicketkeeper-batsman after Sarfraz Ahmed.

In his first few matches after his comeback in t20I cricket, he struggled to get runs and especially struggled to hit BIG. Once again, Muhammad Rizwan was called a mediocre batsman who can’t hit sixes.

Muhammad Rizwan kept trying his luck; he didn’t look back. He worked hard day and night to achieve his goal, winning matches for the Pakistan cricket team. At last, his hard work paid off as they said, “Hard work is the key to success”. On Dec 22, 2020, Pakistan was chasing 174 runs in 20 overs against kiwis in their backyard. Muhammad Rizwan’s 89 off 59 ( 10 4’s, 3 6’s) helped Pakistan win that match by four wickets. He never looked back after that innings; he was probably waiting for such innings for a long time.

On Feb 11, 2021, Muhammad Rizwan became only the second Pakistani T20I centurion in Lahore when he smashed 104 off 64balls ( 6 4’s &7 6’s SR 162.50). Many Pakistani fans started admiring him after his superb form in the shorter format. Muhammad Rizwan kept his excellent form. He won many matches for Pakistan. And as a result, on Feb 15, 2021, MULTAN SULTAN NAMED MUHAMMAD RIZWAN AS THE CAPTAIN. This was a massive success for Muhammad Rizwan; he wasn’t selected in Karachi kings playing XI in PSL V but came back strongly to become skipper of another team next season. He never disappointed MS management and scored fifty of just thirty-one balls on his captaincy debut. With around half of PSL done, Muhammad Rizwan is a Leading Run getter this season.

Leading Run Scorers In PSL Season 6:

  • Mohammad Rizwan – 297 Runs in 5 Innings.
  • Babar Azam – 258 Runs in 5 Innings.
  • Sharjeel Khan – 200 Runs in 4 Innings.
  • Fakhar Zaman – 189 Runs in 4 Innings.
  • Sarfaraz Ahmed – 185 Runs in 5 Innings.

Muhammad Rizwan Has Scored The Most Runs As A Batsman In International T20s This Year.

Most Runs In T20I Cricket This Year –

  • Mohammad Rizwan:- 344
  • Martin Guptil:- 318
  • Devon Conway:-299
  • Babar Azam:- 235
  • Virat Kohli:- 231

Muhammad Rizwan Current T20I Stats:


RUNS: 657




So this was Muhammad Rizwan’s fantastic turnaround in his career. He is now a superb batsman as well as an excellent wicketkeeper for Pakistan. Most importantly, he is now the first-choice WK batsman on our team. He has been named as WISDEN CRICKETER OF THE YEAR!

Best Cricket Rivalry Of All Time


Table of Contents

India–Pakistan rivalry has been one of the best Cricket Rivalry of All-time, it is probably the most-watched rivalry in Cricket history. Whenever Both teams met, we have got plenty of Entertainment and we have got some tough nail biters too.

Pakistan and India are neighboring countries and the political issues between them are probably the reason why India–Pakistan Rivalry is the most excited one. Highly tense relations between the two countries is probably the reason. Another reason maybe is that they both get separated in 1947 so there is a hell of competition between these two teams. We have got plenty of sensible Fans on both sides but at the same time, many fans separate hate. Fans love their teams too much; they are so emotional and most of the time can’t bear the defeat of their favorite team. We have seen so many such cases in the past.

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Indian Team:

If we talk about the Past, INDIA had a very strong batting line up which they still have. They had the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sunil Gavaskar, Virender Sehwag Etc. They had so many batting legends in their team that their batting order was too strong to bowl against. They had the experience, they had plenty of talent, and young sensations and they had everything one perfect batting lineup should have.

Also, they had a good bowling lineup in the shape of Anil Kumble, Kapil Dev, Zaheer Khan, etc.

But in the past, the main strength was their batting for sure. Also, they had got good management and Good Captains. Presently, their batting lineup is Strong but not as much as it is used to be in past. They are no doubt still producing batsmen of high quality through domestic cricket. They have so much batting talent in the hunt. Their bench is still very strong. Once A Wise Cricket Expert Said “if You Want to Check the Strength of Any Team, Check The Players Sitting On The Bench” Recently India has improved their bowling a lot, especially in the longer format they are performing good, they have got Jasprit Bumrah one of the top bowlers of recent times. Also, some really good spinners in the shape of KULDEEP YADAV & YUZVENDRA CHAHAL. Plus, they have improved their fielding a lot.


PAKISTAN is called The Land of Fast Bowlers For a long time now, they have produced Quality of Fast bowlers like Waqar Younis, Waseem Akram, Shoaib Akhtar, etc. They have always produced high-quality fast bowlers and their bowling was the key to their success in the past. Pakistani Cricketer Sarfraz Nawaz invented the Art of Reverse Swing which was later used by so many bowlers. So, in the past Pakistani bowling lineup was Total Destruction. Also, if we talk about the spin bowling department, Saqlain Mushtaq, Saeed Ajmal, Abdul Qadir Etc. so in short Bowling was the key for the Pakistani team in past. If we talk about batting in past, Javed Miandad, Muhammad Yousaf, Inzamam Ul Haq, and Younis Khan were the batting greats. Pakistan Had A Great Captain in Shape of Imran Khan. Pakistan has produced good batsmen throughout the years but the bowling has been stronger. Presently, they are relying on both batting and bowling equally. They haven’t been That match strong in bowling as they used to be in past. SO, This Was a Short Analysis of Both Sides.

India–Pakistan Head to Head:

TEST: Pakistan leads by 12-9

ODI: Pakistan leads by 73-55

 T20I: India leads by 6-1

First Test: 16-19 Nov 1952

 First ODI: 1 Oct 1978

 First T20I: 14 Sep 2007

India–Pakistan in World Cups:

Pakistan never defeated India in the World Cup either in the 50 over format or in T-20 World Cup matches. India defeated Pakistan 7 times in the 50-over format and 5 times in the T-20 format. So, India leads by 12-0 here. Pakistan is yet to win a World cup match against India.

India–Pakistan In ODI World Cups:

1992: INDIA won by 39 Runs

1996: INDIA won by 43 Runs

1999: INDIA won by 47 Runs

2003: INDIA won by 6 wickets

2011: INDIA won by 29 Runs

2015: INDIA won by 76 Runs

2019: INDIA won by 89 Runs.

Sachin Tendulkar was the main obstacle between Pakistan and victory as he got 3 MOM awards.

India–Pakistan In T20i World Cups:

2007: INDIA won in super over

2007: INDIA won by 5 Runs

2012: INDIA won by 8 wickets

2014: INDIA won by 7 wickets

2016: INDIA won by 6 wickets

Virat Kohli has got 2 MOM awards, he got one in ODI WC 2015 TOO. Looks like Virat Kohli has replaced Sachin Tendulkar. To conclude, I would say this rivalry will lose its value if the results are the same in the next few meetings too. We hope PAKISTAN will bounce back And Beat INDIA in the World cups!


is Chris Gayle is the Best Ever T20 Player?
is Chris Gayle is the Best Ever T20 Player?

If we talk about the best ever t20 player few most common names that come to our mind are Henry Gayle, Karon pollard, Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Malik, and a few very impactful players like  Sunil Narine, Sohail Tanveer, Shane Watson, Andre Russell, Imran Tahir, Glen maxwell, Rashid Khan, etc. These are the player who always has a good impact on the team Playing anywhere in the world. We can obviously include some other names but the names I mentioned above Have a high impact in my opinion. So to decide Best ever T20 player is a difficult task.

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We all West indies Cricket have always produced quality hitters. If we talk about the past of WI cricket they produced Highly skillful Fast bowlers like Curtley Ambrose, Courtney Walsh, Joel Garner, and Colin Croft… But now things have changed they have produced quality hitters in recent years like Henry Gayle himself, pollard, Russell, etc. Unfortunately for them that they couldn’t produce technically sound batsmen except for a few in recent years. These power hitters are the main reason WI have dominated in the shorter format they have won 2 WC as well and they can be called as Game Changers in the shorter format. In cricket leagues happening around the globe, The players have a greater impact and match winners have healthy demand. We have seen WI players Performing almost everywhere. Spinners like badree and narine doing their job really well too. The reason is very simple, T20 Cricket is very FAST 1-2 overs can change the game so fast players are more popular in this format.

STATS Henry Gayle in T20 Cricket :

so These stats prove him the best ever t20 player, if not best ever then surely one of the best players ever. He is the only guy having 22 centuries in t20 Cricket which is itself an impressive record. Also, his avg of 38 .24 with Sr of 146.80 Is UNBELIEVABLE.

“Gayle hits sixes for Fun “

In this modern Cricket, we have seen so many great bowlers using new techniques and varieties , bowlers are very developed and Pitches aren’t batting-friendly everywhere so Hitting sixes isn’t an easy task but this guy hits sixes for fun. That’s why he has hit 983 sixes so far in his career.

Having such a player in the top order is such a blessing coz you know he can win you the matches single-handedly at times and opponents always feel pressure when you are playing such a destructive player top of the order. Henry Gayle has huge experience in t20 Cricket that can be utilized really well too. so I would have him in my team definitely any day anywhere.

Henry Gayle is one of the few players who have played all leagues whether it’s IPL, PSL, BBL, BPL, CPL Etc Etc … He has been an ICON player in almost every league. He has an experience in All the leagues happening around the globe which really is a positive sign.

Henry Gayle has been called by a few other names like Sixer king, sixer machine but most popularly he has been called ” UNIVERSE BOSS” one who performs everywhere.

If we talk about pollard I would rate him second to gayle.  He is also a GEM when it comes to the shorter format. Henry Gayle is already 41, he might play 1-to 2 years more but one thing is for sure, CRICKET WORLD WILL NEVER EVER GET THE NEXT UNIVERSE BOSS ………..



DLS method is used in cricket when the match is being interrupted by rain or other circumstances. it’s a mathematical system employed to calculate target scores and reach outcomes in rain-shortened limited-overs matches. It is so far the best and most accurate method to calculate target scores.

Most of us don’t know much about DLS, we always think its some UNFAIR method especially when our team is on the losing side. but it’s a proper mathematical system that is being used for almost 21 years now.

DLS system was introduced by two Statisticians FRANK DUCKWORTH and TONY LEWIS in 1997, however, it was officially introduced by ICC in 1999. since 1999 its been used in all the rain-interrupted matches.

DLS system is not always used in the second innings, it can be used to calculate the target of the first innings. In modern Cricket teams have to keep this method in their plans. This method could be unfair in a way that usually in a 50 overs match, the Top order takes some time like 15-20 overs, and then starts hitting. But if we apply DLS, it will calculate the target from those overs played despite the fact that the top order didn’t know it will rain. but it is usually criticized just because it is so complicated to understand as it contains heavy math.DLS is a very complicated method. Once Dhoni was asked if he understands it and he said “I don’t think the ICC understands it either.

Minimum overs to be bowled for DLS to apply are 20 in 50 overs match and 5 in 20 overs match. Remember it is applicable only for limited-overs matches. it is applied in two ways:

Applying the D/L method

For each team’s innings.

  • If Team B has fewer resources (overs to play and wickets remaining) available than Team A, then calculate the ratio of the resources available to the two teams
  • If Team B has more resources available than Team A, then calculate the amount by which Team B’sresource percentage exceeds Team A’s.

Two common terms in the DLS system are Par Score and Target Score. Par score is the total that a chasing team should have reached – when they are ‘X’ wickets down – at the time of an interruption while target score is the revised score that a team is required to get after an interruption.

In a nutshell, par scores are calculated before an interruption, while targets are calculated after an interruption. The target is one fixed number, while the par score changes according to the number of wickets lost.

So DLS method is the most accurate method in cricket. There is another method being used in Indian Domestic which is The VJD method , devised by a civil engineer from Kerala, V Jayadevan. It is a method that is an alternative to the DLS (Duckworth, Lewis, and Sterne) Method

PSL and Pakistanis love for cricket

Pakistani cricket fans enjoying PSL Match

People in Pakistan like to be entertained, and cricket is their preferred form of entertainment. However, international matches were banned in Pakistan following the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009. During this bleak period, the Pakistan Cricket Board chairman established the PSL in Lahore.

PSL, both versions I and II, have proven to be a necessary step in offering an opportunity for home-based cricket lovers to re-live their ardor for the game, while also providing the much-needed confidence to foreign players and organizations to play in Pakistan.

One of the main reasons why PSL has been able to do the job for Circuit board and Pakistani cricket by trying to restore once-lost faith in Pakistan is that it not only allows local neighborhood talent to showcase their abilities through this grand platform, but it also encourages and integrates internationals to participate in the activity. The foreign players that choose to participate in the PSL form a team with the street boys, and this multicultural mix culminates in a learning opportunity for both.

For Pakistan, it provides a potential revival of their restricted cricket, a new beginning in their journey up the rankings. A better national team will result from improved domestic competition. The PSL’s popularity grows as the national team improves. T20 cricket helps the 50-over game. It’s a vicious loop.

The PSL was now exclusively available outside of Pakistan. The foreign players came to the UAE because they felt secure there. We live in troubled times, and practicality is more valuable than any romantic vision of taking cricket home. Only naive patriotism and conceited hubris would drive this event to be held in Pakistan as soon as possible.

The stars are not coming to Pakistan, but without them, the PSL is a scrap, other feet in the grave, another shove down the slope of falling standards. So, kudos to the organizers for making the correct decisions, realizing their goal, and allowing serendipity to act in their benefit with happenings on the field.

You don’t have to be a fan of T20s to appreciate the importance of the PSL in Pakistan. You don’t have to live for IPLs and Big Bashes to understand how important the PSL is to Pakistani cricket. All you have to do is recognize that Pakistan is plagued by war and crooked leaders. Cricket in the nation was also on its knees ever since the terrorist attacks in 2009, but it had been failing for so many decades before that. You need to appreciate the thrilling qualities that Pakistan’s cricketers offer to the international match to be pleased that those talents can now develop once more.

A cricket competition as short as the PSL on such a big scale is appealing to sports fans. They come out and support their teams, as seen by a teaser on our social media, where the games began well before the event.

One of the most enjoyable features of the PSL is the entertaining discussion and analysis from major figures like Ramiz Raja. Fans are also ecstatic after reading insightful essays and analyses published by people like Ahmar Naqvi. Furthermore, some of the most fascinating bloggers are keeping us up to speed on all that is going on in their own unique manner, with some exclusive facts.

During the period of independence, many people perished in both countries, resulting in resentment and hatred towards one another. A Pakistan-India game of cricket is perhaps the most-watched, interesting, and tense contest in the whole globe. This pressure is caused by the public’s high expectations of athletes. However, if the athlete performs well, they will be more than adequately compensated. However, if he fails to meet the expectations, he will be chastised for the rest of his life.

Cricket was brought to Pakistan by the British in the mid-nineteenth century, before the subcontinent’s partition from India.

There are several reasons why people choose to watch and enjoy cricket over other sports. Although hockey is the national sport of Pakistan, cricket is enjoyed by people all throughout the country and is far more famous as a spectator sport.

With cricket’s popularity, it’s no wonder that people of any age in the country enjoy playing the sport. This is mostly due to the fact that this sport does not have to be pricey. Cricket may be played with a variety of equipment.

Youngsters are known to play tape ball, which requires only a taped game, a bat, and a wicket. This is a preferable option for young athletes because it may result in very few injuries. A taped ball bat would cost roughly $3, and a nice taped tennis ball would cost around $1. A wicket costs about $2, therefore it would only cost about $12 for 22 friends to play cricket

There are a few reasons why cricket is famous in Pakistan

  • Sialkot International Sports Equipment Industry
  •  It is heavily sponsored.
  • Rivalry in Cricket (India).
  • It is a career that may be pursued.
  • Encouraged in school, college, and in-home.
  • Several cricket academies.
  • There is no prejudice.

The size of the cricket playing field is determined by the skill level of the players. When it comes to novices, they generally play in playgrounds and on the roadways where tapped ball cricket is popular.

Then there are amateur players who exclusively play on vast venues with hardened pitches for taped ball cricket. Then there are the pros, who play in stadiums and specific fields with professional pitches. These players are mainly active on weekends. They frequently reserve a venue or stadium through cricket institutes and pay various rates during the day and night with lighting charges.

After the IPL, the PSL is the world’s second most-watched cricket league, and franchise owners are looking forward to the 2020 season since it will allow them to generate more money from ticket sales, merchandise, broadcasting, and sponsorships. As new rights to broadcast show this narrative of a 358 percent rise in the amount granted to the Circuit board by the new Broadcasting company ($40 million), the brand has witnessed exponential expansion. Each match is expected to draw a large crowd, and entrance money will benefit not just franchise owners but also the PCB.

After a ten-year wait, Pakistanis will finally have the opportunity to see international artists perform on stage on their home turf.

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